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Editing the default equipment of the Companions via ... Editing the default equipment of the Companions via creation kit. Hi, this is my first post here.....just wanted to get that out of the way! Ok, so I used the creation kit to change the default armor and some weapons on the Companions, mostly so they all (well almost all) wore the wolf armor, and to put a bit more variet in weapons etc... Skyrim how to edit someone else's mod? | Yahoo Answers He's already given permission, but I really wanna add some stuff to his mod but I have no idea how to open it up or anything in the creation kit. I've only just started modding last week and I barely know how to use the creation kit. The mod I'm trying to change is a house btw, and I really wanna change some things in it but I have no idea how.

How to edit base stats of a mod armor in Creation Kit The ...

Sunja44 - LoversLab Once you encountered the "invisible item" bug and solved it you can do it anytime. 1) You just have to change the slot type for ALL items in the Creation Kit (look up ALL item references called "rosebutt" or similar there, in this case you … Armor & Clothing - LoversLab Adult oriented Skyrim mods that replace or add new armor or clothes Armor & Clothing - LoversLab

Applying Enchantments to an Item | Skyrim Modding Tutorial

Editing an Item | Skyrim Modding Tutorial The Creation Kit will freeze up for a few moments as it loads the file. Step 2: Finding the Item to Edit. Once the Creation Kit has finished loading the master file, your ‘Object Window’ should be now be populated with a huge amount of objects. In your “Object Window”, go to Items>Weapon>WEAPONS. Applying Enchantments to an Item | Skyrim Modding Tutorial In this tutorial, we will be using our previous ModSword.esp to further edit our modified weapon to have an enchantment on it. The enchantments in the Creation Kit give you a tremendous amount of freedom in modifying the behaviors of specific weapons and armors in the game. You can even combine the enchantments with Papyrus… Change armor and weapon stat - The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim ...

I'm trying to create a mod that modifies a non-human race (dogs) in Skyrim so that they can use most of the same equiptment human races use. At the moment, I am working on armor. One of the big problems I am having is defining body slots for the armor to use. The selection of body slots for each piece of armor to use is easy enough in Creation Kit.

Hi there, I was wondering How do I preview the sounds/music in the creation kit? i've look everywhere and cannot find it. I went and spent 3 hours trying to find info on it, but I cant even find any information on it on the web. Skyrim Armor Mods - oceanseven

How to "hide" slot 52 on armor in the Creation Kit? - reddit

How to "hide" slot 52 on armor in the Creation Kit? - reddit It works well for vanilla armors and clothes, however it doesn't work for DLC and modded armors (the underwear appears over the armor). This is because, according to the description, he edited the armors in the creation kit to "hide" slot 52 so the underwear doesn't appear over the armor, but does when not wearing armor. [SOLVED] Armor Slot Change - Skyrim Non Adult Mods - LoversLab I'm actually about to change the armor slot for that as well, lol. As for how, changing the slots that they use in the Creation Kit is fairly simple. Just load up the Creation Kit and activate the Skyrim.esm and the appropriate PotW .esp file. Those should be the only two you need. Slot Masks - Armor - Creation Kit You can find the names of the biped objects in the 'Body Data' tab of the Race window. You can also find the names when you assign a piece of equipment to an equip slot. The numbers shown here are in hexadecimal (eg 0x00000100 equals 256). If an item has multiple equip slots, then you add the values together to figure out its slot mask. How to use Tes5Edit to change item slot (rename armor ...

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