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SHOP ALL Kniphofia Looking for something with an exotic air? The name is a tongue twister (pronounced nee-FOF-ee-a) but these plants are easy to grow - many even say tough to kill - and deliver colorful, spiky, wand-like flowers that hummingbirds love. Once established, these Red Hot Poker plants can also manage drough Kniphofia uvaria - Plant Finder

They are attractive to some birds who enjoy them during the winter months. As the giant leaves fall, the darkly striated branches shine in the winter before displaying pointed mahogany-brown buds in spring. A Glowing Border Idea with Architectural Perennials and Grasses Wonderfully bold, this perennial border combines colors and shapes to create a long-lasting and spectacular effect from summer to fall. All plants are deer resistant, drought tolerant and low maintenance. Achillea 'Coronation Gold' Performs like a star! Achillea 'Coronation Gold' is a spectacular yarrow that is extremely easy to grow and provides outstanding results even if neglected.

Create seductive plant combinations like this one. Easy to grow and drought tolerant, these plants will contribute to a fabulous garden that you will admire day after day, all summer long.

Kniphofia rooperi (Rooper's red-hot poker) will reach a height of 1.2m and a spread of 1m after 2-5 years.. Suggested uses. Architectural, City, Coastal, Cottage/Informal, Beds and borders, Low Maintenance, Mediterranean. Cultivation. Grow in fertile, loam or sandy, neutral to acid soil enriched with humus. Kniphofia: Red Hot Poker | Portland Nursery Kniphofia: Red Hot Poker; There are 68 species in the genus Kniphofia, all originating in southern and eastern Africa. They form clumps of grass-like finely toothed foliage with strong stems rising above the foliage with flowers that look-like glowing pokers or torches, hence the common name. Kniphofia rooperi - Impressive! Kniphofia rooperi or Red Hot Poker is native to the marshy coastal regions of the Cape Province (South Africa) and has impressed more than one gardener! - a robust plant. It is hardy in temperate climates and grows in a thick clump with wide, arching dark, evergreen leaves. Genus Kniphofia (Torch Lily or Red Hot Poker) at Digging ... Kniphofia Torch Lily or Red Hot Poker “Red Hot Poker” is the local nickname for these bold, handsome natives of Madagascar and tropical South Africa. Brought to England in 1707, they were kept as greenhouse treasures until 1848, when someone had the bright idea of planting them outdoors, and their abiding hardiness was discovered.

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Kniphofia - the complete guide. For unparalleled information on red-hot pokers, their species, cultivars and cultivation, see the first in our series of horticultural monographs, Kniphofia - the complete guide - see a preview below: Kniphofia rooperi - Wikipedia Kniphofia rooperi, Rooper’s red-hot poker, is a species of flowering plant in the family Asphodelaceae, native to the Eastern Cape of South Africa. Growing to 1.2 m (3.9 ft) tall, it is a robust evergreen perennial with strap-shaped leaves produced at an angle from the main stem. In autumn the stout central stems bear flattened oval Kniphofia uvaria - Plant Finder

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Red Hot Poker Plants For Sale | Kniphofia | High Country Kniphofia | Red Hot Poker. A colorful genus of perennial plants from southern Africa, various Kniphofia species and cultivars bloom with showy spikes of tubular orange, yellow, pink and bi-colored flowers. The plant varies in size from compact to huge. The foliage is grassy in appearance and the flowers are highly attractive to hummingbirds. Torch Lily Mix - Red Hot Poker - Kniphofia | Michigan Bulb A brilliant, blazing mix of Torch Lilies-also called Red Hot Pokers-that instantly draws attention wherever you plant it. This mix, created from the Poco Series of torch lilies, includes coral-red, orange and yellow blooms. It forms crowns quickly, and the blooms keep your garden stunning all the way from early summer to late fall!

Get expert gardening tips on the Red-hot poker, torch lily. How much sun, shade, water and care does it need? a hybrid of the vigorous species Kniphofia rooperi. New strains are available as seed (be aware that seedlings will vary in color and quality). ... Red-hot pokers require adequate moisture when blooms are forming and will fail to ...

Kniphofia rooperi is one the most distinctive kniphofias with its large, egg-shaped, bright red flowers fading to yellow, held over a broad and high foliage. Kniphofia 'Alcazar' (Red Hot Poker) Tall and stately, Kniphofia 'Alcazar' features dark, bronzed stems bearing luminous terminal spikes of tubular, creamy orange flowers, gradually opening from brick red buds from early to late summer.

Kniphofia rooperi, Rooper's Red Hot Poker, is a magnificent Kniphofia with tall inflorescences that are a luminous orange and yellow and seem to glow in the soft autumnal air like a beacon or a lighthouse. Each individual flower bud is usually tipped with green before it opens adding to the sense of pulsating colour. Kniphofia | Wiki | Everipedia Kniphofia's wiki: Kniphofia /nɪpˈhoʊfiə/, also called tritoma, red hot poker, torch lily, knofflers or poker plant, is a genus of flowering plants in the family Asphodelaceae, first described as a genus in 1794. It is native to Africa. How to grow: kniphofia - Telegraph