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8GB vs 12GB Difference? : computers I now have 12Gb (2x2GB and 2x4GB). I haven't really done anything with them so far, but I was wondering what kind of a difference there would beAnd Of course I'm going to keep all 12 gigs in because the more the merrier, although I know that in some cases depending on the types of ram and...

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Honestly, it's a bad idea to delete the pagefile. The pagefile determines the amount virtual memory, and without virtual memory your system could get unstable when using a lot of RAM. (If you run out of RAM windows will cache some things on the hard drive temporarily on this Virtual RAM). It is possible that the pagefile was improperly configured. 12GB of ram and computer is slower than when they were ... ok so heres my problem originaly i had 2X2GB adata 1600 rams then 5 months ago i got 2X4GB 1333 team i installed all 4 together couldnt get em to work in dual channel mode well more like i was too busy to work on it , anyway ive noticed my computer is runing a tad too slow .....slower than when it had only 4GBs of ram it takes around 3 mins to boot the windows now and like 6-10 to ... New laptop with 16GB Ram is very slow | Tom's Guide Forum

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10+ Best Laptops for Engineering Students (2019 Update) - Joy There were times when an engineering student can survive with a notebook with specifications that are poor however in 2019, that is not the case.Nowadays you require a quality you do not compromise any of your own projects. Dell Inspiron 15 3000 - Full Review and benchmarks The Dell Inspiron 15 3000's solid construction and good battery life are overshadowed by its slow performance, dim display and uncomfortable keyboard.

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Which Is More Important: Faster RAM or More RAM? - MakeUseOf Apr 13, 2017 ... Here we explain how RAM works and whether you can do anything to increase its efficiency. ... This general storage area has plenty of space, but its speeds are much slower. ... You're also likely to run out of RAM if you buy a cheaper laptop that .... If not, how many RAM slots does your machine have?

What laptop model is in question? Many of the modern laptops have 4GB soldered onto the motherboard and a free RAM slot for additional / removable memory. So on some models getting more than 12GB can’t be done without investing in a pricey single 16GB RAM module. If the laptop has 2 slots for removable RAM then you can have 8GB x2 configuration. My computer runs slow when i play slots - Microsoft Community Hi there when i play slots and games when the slot reels spin they r slow I need more ram Im not to computer smart...if I do what do I know to buy Thank you ... My computer runs slow when i play slots Hi there when i play slots and games when the slot reels spin they r slow I need more ram Im not to computer smart...if I do what ... Can you ever have too much RAM? - PC/Mac/Linux Society ... By 'too much RAM', I'm looking at a Sony Vaio laptop whereby you get free 12GB RAM. The laptop I'm exploring would otherwise have an Intel i5 2.5GHz processor, 6GB RAM and be priced at £700 ... Customer Reviews: Dell I7573-7012GRY-PUS - Best Buy